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ADCL was officially formed on May 17th, 2014. ADCL is not your usual club filled with professional cricketers, however, it is a group of working Lads who are serious about cricket as their passion and hobby and are willing to put the effort into this passion to achieve feats in line of professional cricket clubs and teams in different tournaments around UAE (Mainly Abu Dhabi/Al Ain/Dubai).
Since conception, ADCL has evolved into 4 full-time teams based on 4 talent pools, namely, Reds, Greens, Yellows and Blues which gives a full chance to all the lads to expand their skill and experience and increased exposure to ADCL in different tournaments. As of now, the total
strength combined of all Pools has crossed 80 permanent members.
ADCL strength comprises of nationals from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and England. We have had SriLankan, South African and Zimbabwe nationals also playing with us in the past. Members inducted are beyond nationalities, class, religion and social status.
ADCL conducts weekly 2 hours net sessions in Abu Dhabi, On average 50 sessions per Season.



ADCL was a concept conceived by myself back in 2014. The concept and its implementation to date represents Amateur brand of cricket with professional, target oriented, Trustable and successful mantra as a brand.

The brand of ADCL has challenged me from professional skills to personal life management as well and i am proud to see that i have done well to establish ADCL as a successful brand.

I invite you all to join this amazing and one of a kind cricketing experience which is open for all with two main moto’s NEVER GIVE IN & VICTORY WITH DIGNITY.


ADCL Core Council Members


Bilal Suleman

Core Council Member

One of the Founding Fathers of ADCL, a Mentor, a Champion Captain & one of the wisest and sincere assets who is the heart & soul of the ADCL vision.


Babar Amanat

Core Council Member

Most enthusiastic & flamboyant member of the core council always at forefront in ADCL management with unconditional support cricket experience.


Faran Khalid Cheema

Core Council Member

Management Guru whose planning and execution are both immaculate & impeccable, His cricket knowledge is second to none & most reliable to refer.


Usman Asad

Core Council Member

Cool, Calm & Collective, He brings in the core council balance which helps steer the core council in a middle direction with alternate perspective.


Bharat Shaunak

Core Council Member

Unbridled passion for the game, and a desire to make ADCL bigger and better makes him the ideal core council member.


Abubakar Azam

Core Council Member

Most passionate & enthusiastic member of the core council always available to get things done on the field, man of actions who produces results.


Muhammad Haroon

Core Council Member

ADCL’s Finance Guru & most tactically ahead in Core Council, his expertise & strength are in long term assessments where his input is second to none.


Zohaib Ali

Core Council Member

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, a rookie who has the flare for logistics management and a man of solutions with core field operative skills


Muhammad Fayyaz

Core Council Member

Enthusiastic and senior player of ADCL, Extensive knowledge about Game and Management, passionate About interviews from international players and match videos.

ADCL Player Pool


Reds are not a team but a Brand which represents brave, fearless and never say die cricket. This brand is loved and envied by many in Abu Dhabi.



Greens focus has always been on being a tight knitted and friendly atmosphere unit, not only Greens are strong inside the field but also outside as well with their performance and dedication.


ADCL Yellows is a bunch of cricket-enthusiasts, who are committed to refine their skills as a team and individually. We take pride in our goal of fostering the development of cricket in this region.



Our core values are to be recognized as an inclusive, diverse, and friendly team, focusing on development to ultimately achieving holistic success where ADCL Blue takes the Victorious Cup at the end of the day.



Inspired by BLACK PANTHERS who have extraordinary hearing, Second to None eyesight (Active and Attacking), a Strong jaw (Lethal Aggression) and above all Impeccable Focus (Game Finishers), ADCL Blacks are a unique bunch of Lads having special and professional skills.



The ADCL Greys are a band of brothers from all skill sets, all ages and all cultures bonded by their deep love for the game. Our ideology is to make the game accessible to all and to harvest skills of the individuals into the team as a collective.